Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ernst & Young speech

I gave a presentation on the Core Competency Parent concept at Ernst & Young in Los Angeles this Wednesday. It went well and it is always fun to talk about these issues. What I try to tell people in these talks is that there are 168 hours in a week. If you break that down rather purposefully, then you can fit a lot in. You can sleep 8 hours a night, work 55 hours a week, spend more time with your kids than the average stay-at-home parent, train for a half-marathon, have two date nights a week with your partner, and still find time to volunteer or attend religious services. Phew! Sounds like a lot! But of course, with that kind of full life, there's not much room for things that aren't important, and so you have to be ruthless about getting other things off your plate.

If your organization would like to hear from me, and see a sample Core Competency Parent schedule, shoot me an email at lvanderkam at yahoo dot com. The speech can be tweaked for both women's groups and mixed gender groups.

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